Who is Negasi Zuberi? Man From Oregon That Kidnap And Assault Women

Hold onto your hats, folks, ’cause we’ve got a jaw-dropper of a story hot off the presses. A federal grand juror out in Portland just dropped the hammer, slapping an indictment on a guy named Negasi Zuberi from Klamath Falls, Oregon, accusing him of snatching up an innocent gal from Seattle and subjecting her to a nightmare you wouldn’t even believe. Can you imagine? It’s like something out of a twisted thriller, only this time, it’s all too real.

 Negasi Zuber

Who Is Negasi Zuberi?

Negasi Zuberi, aka the man of many aliases—Sakima, Justin Kouassi, Justin Hyche—stands accused of going on a sinister spree. We’re talking kidnapping, sexual assault, and a whole lot more. The FBI’s put out the call, hunting for anyone else who might have crossed paths with this menace. It all started when this brave woman managed to break free from what can only be described as a house of horrors—a “dungeon” made from cinder blocks right in Zuberi’s own Oregon home. I mean, can you believe that?

But wait, it gets crazier. Zuberi’s been on the move, folks. He’s been bouncing around like a pinball in at least ten states since 2016. And get this—violent attacks in four different places! Talk about a one-man crime spree. The feds are waving the red flag, shouting from the rooftops that there might just be more victims out there, lurking in the shadows.

This guy, Zuberi, he’s like a chameleon in the night. Turns out, he’s got a bag of tricks that’d make Houdini blush. He’d slip drinks to unsuspecting women, masquerade as a cop—you name it, he’s done it. And get this—there’s even word that he’d bring in hired muscle to rough these poor women up. Yeah, you read that right. He’d record these sickening acts like some twisted director making a horror film. It’s like something out of a nightmare.

The FBI’s throwin’ out a net, casting it wide across the span of time from August 2016 to July 2023. Zuberi’s allegedly left his mark across California, Oregon, Washington, Utah, Colorado, Florida, New Jersey, New York, Alabama, and Nevada. They’re calling out for anyone who might’ve crossed paths with this guy, pleading for info to put the pieces together.

Now, here’s where things take a hairpin turn. Negasi Zuberi leaves his Klamath Falls home, rolls into Seattle like a wolf in sheep’s clothing, and tricks a sex worker into thinking he’s the long arm of the law. Can you believe the audacity? But that poor woman, she quickly realized this guy’s game was more dangerous than a rattlesnake with a grudge. He cuffed her, beat her, and tossed her in the back of his ride, claimin’ he’s an officer of the law. Can you even imagine the fear racin’ through her veins?

And get this, he’s got a garage of horrors waitin’ for her back in Klamath Falls. It’s like a scene from a nightmare—a makeshift cell, cold and cruel, made from cinder blocks. The kind of place that’ll make your skin crawl. She managed to escape, breakin’ free like a phoenix risin’ from the ashes. But Zuberi, he ain’t no fool. He hit the road and fled like a bat outta hell. But the long arm of the law caught up with him in Reno, Nevada, after a standoff that’d give you goosebumps.

Here’s the kicker: during that terrifying ride, the victim spots an app on Zuberi’s phone, tickin’ away the minutes and hours. She knew then, in her gut, that this guy was a monster, not a cop. She fought, clawed her way outta that hellhole, and chased down salvation like a woman possessed. Blood, sweat, and tears—she left ’em all behind on that path to freedom.

So there you have it, a story that’ll send shivers down your spine. A tale of terror, survival, and a fight for justice that’s far from over. We’ve got a wolf on the loose, folks, and the hunt is on. Stay tuned, ’cause this ain’t the end—it’s just the beginning of a saga that’ll keep you on the edge of your seat, beggin’ for more.

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