Who is Lisa Perejma? Armie Hammer Kissed EX-GF After Divorce

Hold onto your hats, folks, because we’ve got some spicy celebrity news coming your way! Armie Hammer, the dashing actor known for his roles in movies like “Call Me by Your Name,” was caught in a sizzling embrace with his ex-flame, Lisa Perejma, during a lunch date in the picturesque Portofino, Italy, just the other day, on Tuesday, June 27. Whoa, talk about a steamy reunion!

Lisa Perejma

Pictures obtained by the ever-watchful eyes of Page Six reveal the passionate scene: Perejma lovingly caressing Hammer’s forehead while they enjoyed a meal together, with their chemistry palpable enough to ignite envy in any onlooker. The pair even strolled hand-in-hand, drawing stares from curious passersby. But here’s the twist, my dear readers: they were rumored to have called it quits back in February 2022, just a week after Hammer’s divorce from his former flame, Elizabeth Chambers, was officially sealed. What a whirlwind of romance and second chances!

Let’s dive into the fascinating world of Lisa Perejma. Hailing from beautiful Nanaimo, British Columbia, Canada, she now calls the sunny West Bay, Cayman Islands, her home sweet home. And guess what? She’s not just a pretty face; she’s a talented dental hygienist too. A woman with brains and beauty? Hammer couldn’t resist liking several of Perejma’s Instagram posts back in 2019, despite not following her. Ah, the mysterious ways of love!

Now, let’s rewind the clock a bit. On June 14, Hammer made a significant move by submitting his final declaration of disclosure, signaling that he and Chambers were getting serious about settling their divorce. Sources spill the tea, revealing that this former couple had already reached a resolution regarding their once-happy union. But life, my friends, is full of surprises.

In the summer of 2020, Chambers filed for divorce, citing those pesky “irreconcilable differences” that can shatter even the strongest bonds. Ten years of marriage down the drain. It’s a tough pill to swallow. But let’s not forget the beautiful legacy that remains: Harper, the spunky six-year-old, and Ford, the adorable four-year-old, both blessings born from the union of Hammer and Chambers.

When the news of their divorce hit the headlines, the estranged couple took to social media with identical statements, stating their desire to close this chapter and move forward. They emphasized the importance of their children, promising to prioritize their well-being and maintain a strong co-parenting bond. Admirable, indeed. Yet, as we all know, public scrutiny is inevitable, so they requested some much-needed privacy, compassion, and love during this challenging time. Let’s respect their wishes, folks.

Now, hold onto your seats because we’ve got more intriguing updates! In the vast tapestry of life, it appears that Elizabeth Chambers has also found her happily ever after. Rumor has it that she’s been basking in the warm glow of love for over six months with a new beau. The evidence lies in an Instagram post, where Chambers shared snapshots of herself smooching her mystery man, both beaming with joy while enjoying a romantic getaway in the enchanting Cayman Islands. Looks like she’s found her Mr. Right, and sources whisper that she’s absolutely over the moon with happiness. Good for her!

There you have it, folks, a tale of romance, rekindled sparks, and new beginnings. Armie Hammer and Lisa Perejma ignite the passion, while Elizabeth Chambers carves her path to bliss. Stay tuned for more updates on the captivating lives of the rich and famous!

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