Who is Juan Archuleta? MMA Fighter Chokes Host Mark Consuelos

If there’s one person who fearlessly seizes opportunities, it’s none other than the charismatic Mark Consuelos. And when it comes to his show ‘Live with Kelly as well as Mark,’ he leaves no stone unturned. Kelly Ripa and Mark have been burning the midnight oil to create a truly exceptional live show, braving new challenges that come their way. Little did they know that their latest endeavor would involve a heart-pounding encounter with none other than the MMA wrestling powerhouse, Juan Archuleta.

Juan Archuleta

Mark and Kelly recently welcomed Archuleta, a renowned martial artist, onto the set of ‘Live.’ While their conversation was nothing short of captivating, no episode would be complete without a demonstration of Archuleta’s awe-inspiring skills. And who better to test his mettle than Mark himself, with a watchful and concerned Kelly peering from the fringes of the boxing ring? Amidst body slams and intense maneuvers, there could only be one victor.

At 35 years old, Archuleta boasts over a decade of experience as a professional MMA fighter, currently dominating the circuits of Bellator MMA and Rizin Fighting Federation. Hailing from Sultana High School and Purdue University, Archuleta’s journey began in the world of professional wrestling. The Juan Archuleta warrior proudly wears the title of Bellator Bantamweight World Champion and, as of 2022, holds the third spot in the Bellator Bantamweight rankings. Over the past ten years, Archuleta has honed his technique, as evidenced by his flawless execution of fundamental strategies, which he graciously showcased to Mark on the set of ‘Live,’ expertly zeroing in on the host with precision.

Kelly positioned herself between the two men, microphone in hand, as Mark’s apprehension was palpable, etched across his face. Inquiring with a mix of curiosity and excitement, Kelly addressed Juan Archuleta, “Are you ready? And Consuelos, are you up to speed?” With Archuleta commencing his demonstration, Kelly tactfully made her exit, allowing the two men to embark on their physical encounter. Archuleta commenced with a flurry of punches, swiftly transitioning into pinning Markdown. Mark’s smile, despite the predicament, spoke volumes, as if to say, “Ah, well, such is life!”

Then, with a confident flair, Archuleta demonstrated a choking technique on Mark, all the while calmly explaining the procedure. It didn’t take long for Mark to humorously exclaim, “I’m choking, I’m choking!” He managed to maintain a playful smile, ensuring that his guests knew it was all in good fun.

While Mark undoubtedly showcased his own talents, they paled in comparison to Archuleta’s extraordinary prowess. The viewers were enthralled, erupting with cheers and laughter throughout the live segment. One particular moment etched in their memory was Mark’s endearing exclamation of “Oh boy” while being held down by Archuleta once again. Kelly’s eyes shimmered with a mix of excitement and concern as she glanced at her husband, a testament to their enduring bond. It seems that the couple has returned from their enchanting Greek escapade, revitalized and more radiant than ever before.

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