Who is Garrett Smith? A Neighbor Said The Teen Was Arguing With a Man A Day Before Reappearance

Well, would you look at that! The mysterious tale of the vanishing 18-year-old Garrett Smith from Arizona, only to reappear in Montana, has got everyone buzzin’! Seems like she had a bit of a tiff with the fella she was sharin’ a room with – talk about drama!

Garrett Smith

Who Is Garrett Smith?

Now, let me tell ya what went down. The good folks in an apartment complex over in Havre, which is about 40 miles from the Canadian border, heard somethin’ strange happenin’. Our girl, Alicia Navarro, was apparently caught up in a heated argument with some unknown guy on a Saturday. The neighbor, Garrett Smith, a 22-year-old lad, spilled the beans to The Post. He said, “I was hangin’ ’round the building one day, and I overheard ’em hollerin’. Alicia did say she’s gonna go back somewhere, but that’s all I caught.” Yup, it was the day before she turned herself in – quite the twist!

Now, picture this: the very next day, Alicia marches right into the police station in that neighborhood and demands they scratch her name off the missing persons’ list. And why, you might ask? So she could get herself a driver’s license and start livin’ that “normal existence,” as the investigators put it. Turns out, Alicia had vanished back in 2019 from Glendale, Arizona, and the cops had her marked as missin’ since then. But here’s where things get fuzzy – nobody’s sure just how long she’s been shackin’ up in that Havre apartment. Garrett Smith claims he’s seen her ’round there for some time now, along with a fella in his 20s, ever since he himself packed his bags and left about a year ago.

But wait, there’s more! A few days before she turned herself in, ol’ Garrett met Alicia when she came up to him sayin’ she was on the hunt for her uncle near the post office. Poor thing looked plumb scared, and she was strugglin’ to find her way. Now, hold your horses, ’cause it gets stranger! Megan Alexander, a 23-year-old lady, and Smith’s girlfriend, claims she saw Alicia sneakin’ into some “random home,” hopin’ to find someone to lend a helpin’ hand. And get this, Alicia called the fella there “mister,” even though he’s barely older than she is – quite odd, ain’t it? The young girl seemed real scared and had a scratchy voice – poor thing was clearly goin’ through a rough patch. Smith noticed she had braces on, and would you believe it? Those same braces were on her when she disappeared back in 2019. Ain’t that somethin’?

Now, Smith thinks he’s seen this missin’ girl ’bout 30 times while he was in the apartment, but it wasn’t until recently that he got a chance to chat with her. And guess what? He says he’s spotted the two of ’em leavin’ together, holdin’ hands, on numerous occasions. Quite the odd couple, huh? Well, there ya have it – the mysterious case of Alicia Navarro, the vanishing act from Arizona, and her unexpected appearance in Montana. It’s a tale filled with intrigue, and who knows what else lies beneath the surface? Stay tuned for more twistin’ and turnin’ news as this story unfolds!

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