The Hunt for Veerappan Release Date Story Cast Where to Watch?

Alright, folks, listen up! We’ve got some exciting news coming your way. Brace yourselves for “The Hunt for Veerappan,” an authentic docu-series that’s gonna blow your socks off! It’s all set to hit your favorite OTT platform on August 4, and trust me, you don’t wanna miss this one. Now, let me tell ya, Veerappan was one heck of a notorious outlaw, hidin’ like a wily fox in them South Indian forests for years. But wait, here’s the kicker – we’re about to unveil a whole bunch of unknown facts about this enigmatic figure!

The Hunt for Veerappan

The Hunt for Veerappan Release Date

The show’s got an all-star crew behind it, led by the first-time docu-director Selvamani Selvaraj. And we’ve got Apoorva Bakshi and Monisha Thyagarajan, along with the awesome Kimberley Hassett, bringing their creative genius to the mix. It’s a recipe for success, folks! Selvamani himself spilled the beans to the press, sayin’: “Folks, we’ve heard whispers about Veerappan’s notoriety for years, but dang it, nobody really knows what drove him to be that dreaded criminal and still be hailed as a Robin Hood for some folks. So, in this docu-series, we’re takin’ you deep into the man’s complexities. We’ve dug up stories no one’s ever heard before!”

Hold on tight, ’cause there’s more talent to talk about. Bakshi Bakshi, the brains behind the International Emmy award-winning series “Delhi Crime,” is at the helm of this project. And Hassett, the force behind “Bikram: Yogi, Guru, Predator,” is bringin’ her magic touch too. Now, mark your calendars, ’cause this show’s gonna be droppin’ like a bomb on Netflix, exclusively on August 4. It’s gonna be one wild ride, folks!

We’re gonna dive into the unspoken and unseen, hearin’ it straight from the horse’s mouth – the folks who knew Veerappan and the brave souls who tried to hunt him down. And don’t you worry, we ain’t just talkin’ about his capture. Nah, this docu-series ain’t holdin’ back. It’s gonna take you on a rollercoaster, exploring social and political issues, exposin’ the tangled webs of inequality. Apoorva Bakshi, from Awedacious Originals, said: “Veerappan was the talk of the town back in the ’90s, and his story’s still got that historic and cultural punch today. We’re diggin’ deep, tryna see beyond that tough exterior folks remember. We’re talkin’ ’bout the heart and soul of the man, the stories from those who were right there with him, fightin’ or fightin’ against him.”

And guess what? Our partnership with Netflix’s been one for the books! We’re deliverin’ an authentic, mind-blowin’, thought-provokin’ show. You’ll be walkin’ away with a whole new understanding of Veerappan and his wild ride of a life. Tanya Bami, the big cheese at Netflix India, said: “We’re committed to givin’ ya the best untold stories from India in all kinds of flavors. And “The Hunt for Veerappan” is one heck of a tale! Selva, Apoorva, and Monisha have put their heart and soul into this, uncoverin’ facts and truths like detectives on a mission.”

And hold on, folks, we’ve got more surprises! This four-part series is gonna be a thrill ride in Tamil and English, but we ain’t stoppin’ there. Oh no! We’re throwin’ in Hindi, Kannada, Telugu, and Malayalam, so everybody across the globe can join in on this epic chase. It’s time to hear the untold tale of Veerappan in your own tongue! So there you have it, the lowdown on “The Hunt for Veerappan.” Get ready to buckle up and embark on this wild ride, ’cause it’s gonna be one for the history books! You won’t wanna miss it for the world!

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