Prime Day TV Deals: Is it Worth Buying a TV on the Biggest Sale Event?

Prime Day is like a wild shopping spree that comes hot on the heels of Black Friday, and it’s a time when you can let loose and splurge a little. This fantastic sale extravaganza happens twice a year and lasts for two whole days, giving Prime members access to mind-blowing deals on all sorts of goods. But hold your horses, not everything on offer is worth your hard-earned cash. We’ve seen some sneaky sellers jack up prices right before the sale to make their discounts look juicier than they actually are. And believe it or not, we’ve stumbled upon ads selling ancient relics at regular prices while claiming they’re offering jaw-dropping discounts from the original MSRP.

Prime Day

If you’ve got your wits about you and you’re a bit savvy, you can still snag amazing bargains, even on those fancy-schmancy electronics like TVs and laptops. So, if your TV is begging for an upgrade and you’re wondering if Prime Day is the perfect time to grab a new one, hold your horses, partner. Here’s the lowdown you need before diving into the buying frenzy.

If you stumble upon the TV deal of a lifetime during the upcoming Prime Day bonanza, the first thing you gotta do is check its price history. Now, Amazon doesn’t make it easy-peasy to see the past prices of products, so you’ll have to rely on third-party solutions like CamelCamelCamel or Keepa. Get yourself some Chrome extensions that track prices from the Chrome Web Store, and then figure out what that shiny new TV was really worth before the sale.

Between the two, I gotta say Keepa is my top pick because it gives you a nifty price graph right there on the listing. So, use it to your advantage during Prime Day and make sure you’re getting the absolute best price on that dream TV of yours.

Now, here’s the scoop on smart TVs. They’re like those hip smartphones, always needing software updates to bring in the latest features, fix pesky bugs, and keep things secure. But unlike smartphone manufacturers, TV makers aren’t exactly known for their stellar software update game. While it’s totally fine to snag a slightly older model for a few bucks less, I wouldn’t recommend going for a TV that’s been gathering dust for over a year.

Sure, you’ll find plenty of discounts on Android TVs during the Prime Day shindig, but be cautious of those running outdated versions of Android TV. You gotta steer clear of those, my friend. Look for TVs with the snazzy Google TV interface, and make sure they’re running Android 9.0 or later—unless you’re just looking for a dope panel to connect with devices like Amazon’s Fire TV 4K or Chromecast with Google TV.

Now, pay close attention, ’cause this is crucial. Among the hundreds of thousands of bargains from those lesser-known brands, you gotta stick with the big players in the TV world. Think Samsung, LG, TCL, Sony, and the like. Trust me on this one. Those other brands might have some neat stuff, but when it comes to proper after-sales service and warranties, they’re a bit iffy. You don’t wanna be left high and dry with a regrettable TV purchase, do ya?

Oh, and speaking of purchases, keep an eye out for the third-party vendors offering those sweet deals. Check out the seller’s name right under the “Add to Cart” and “Buy Now” buttons. You can click on it to see the overall rating and reviews from other buyers. If you spot a ton of one or two-star reviews, that’s a major red flag, no matter how irresistible the deal seems. Also, make sure the purchase is fulfilled through Amazon. If it’s not, tread carefully ’cause you won’t have the safety net of Amazon’s customer support or their handy-dandy return policies.

Similarly, take a little time to dig into the specs of any TV you’re eyeing. Brand and model names can get really confusing, my friend, and you don’t wanna end up with the wrong one. So, read those specifications with a keen eye before pulling the trigger on your purchase.

Prime Day during the Amazon Prime Day sale is an absolute goldmine for nabbing that new TV you’ve been dreaming of, but hold your horses, partner. Don’t rush into things. Take your time and follow our tips to score an unbelievable bargain during Prime Day. But hey, if you’re not up for all the price history digging, software, and hardware detective work, and seller background checks, no worries. Stick with us as we cover Prime Day, and we’ll bring you the juiciest TV deals of the day, all verified and just a click away. Yeehaw!

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