Popular Streamers Feud: Pokimane and xQc Conflict Over Kick

In the realm of live streaming, few personalities have captured the attention of millions like Felix Lengyel, better known as xQc. With a massive fan base on platforms like Twitch and Kick, boasting over 11 million followers on the former and a staggering 430k followers on the latter, xQc’s popularity is undeniable. Recently, he made waves by partnering with Kick in a groundbreaking deal worth a whopping 100 million. Meanwhile, Imane Anys, widely recognized as Pokimane, stands as a prominent female Twitch streamer with an impressive following of her own, counting over 9 million subscribers on Twitch and a YouTube channel that has amassed more than 263k subscribers.

Pokimane and xQc

Now, let’s delve into the intriguing interaction between xQc and Pokimane, specifically concerning xQc’s collaboration with Kick. The story behind their controversial exchange sheds light on why these renowned streamers have found themselves under the relentless scrutiny of the public eye.

The emergence of Kick as a formidable alternative to Amazon’s Twitch platform has gained considerable momentum since December 2022. Notable Twitch streamers such as Adin Ross, Trainwreckstv, xQc, and Amouranth have made the switch from Twitch to Kick, fueling an ongoing debate about the disparities between these two networks and creating a division within online communities. Within this context, a rift has formed between two prominent Twitch celebrities, xQc and Pokimane, over the past few weeks. The feud ignited in June when news broke of xQc’s monumental $100 million contract with Kick.

The conflict began when Pokimane, in response to the lucrative xQc deal, stumbled upon an article suggesting that Kick was gaining the upper hand. After perusing the piece, she asserted, “Keep drinking the Kick Kool-Aid. It’s taking over, isn’t it? 🔥 But here’s the thing, folks who say stuff like this don’t grasp how Kick rakes in the dough from Twitch. They’re using Twitch’s services.” xQc, upon noticing her comments on Twitch, promptly fired back, saying, “Well, color me puzzled. That ain’t how it works, my friend…I don’t need to defend myself here. Look, Amazon ain’t Twitch. What happens when people realize that? There’s a world of difference.”

During one of her streams, Pokimane was posed a question by her viewers about whether she would consider switching to Kick for a $10 million deal. In response, she candidly expressed her unwillingness to compromise her morals and ethics merely for financial gain. She further conveyed a sense of unease surrounding the very idea.

xQc, upon hearing Pokimane’s statement, prodded her to expound on the reasoning behind her concerns about joining the Kick platform. He emphasized that a mere mention of morals and ethics fell short of a satisfactory explanation. Pokimane’s primary worry stemmed from the association between gambling and Kick, which she believed posed potential dangers to both children and viewers. However, some interpreted her comments as a broader critique of the entire Kick platform. As the ongoing feud unfolded between xQc and Pokimane, xQc turned to Twitter to voice his thoughts, proclaiming, “Flexing your morals and ethics on those around you stems from nothing but deep-seated insecurity. That’s all.” This tweet indicates that the dispute with fellow streamers remains unresolved. Stay tuned for updates on this ongoing conflict.

The ability to impose one’s morals and ethics on those in your vicinity stems from an inherent insecurity. There is no other explanation.

Adding fuel to the fire, Valkyrae, a prominent YouTube streamer, waded into the fray in support of Pokimane. She shared private messages that shed light on the reservations surrounding xQc’s commendation. These messages revealed Pokimane’s concerns in response to Valkyrae’s stance against gambling-related streams. Valkyrae made it known that despite her affiliation with 100 Thieves, an organization that hosts poker tournaments, she purposefully refrains from streaming such content. Her rationale lies in her desire to prevent influencing anyone to take undue risks regarding addiction.

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