Liar Liar Episode 7 Release Date, Time, Raw Scan, Characters & Spoilers

Well, ain’t that a twist of fate that’ll knock your socks off? Who’d have thunk it, huh? One measly fib, and bam! Life takes a sharp left turn like a racecar on a dime. And would you believe it? This whole crazy whirlwind kicks off right smack on day one of high school – talk about a grand entrance! But oh my stars and garters, the fibs just keep piling up like a stack of pancakes at a Sunday brunch. They’re wackier than a rubber chicken at a circus, I tell ya about the upcoming episode of the anime Liar Liar Episode 7.

Liar Liar

Liar Liar Episode 7 Release Date

The plot thickens like gravy on Thanksgiving, and ain’t nobody got a clue what’s ’round the bend. It’s a full-blown hullabaloo, folks! Folks watchin’ this circus might be either sittin’ on the edge of their seats, eagerly awaitin’ the next act, or they might not even get their popcorn ready yet. Crazy, right? Now, hang onto your hats, ’cause we’re spillin’ the beans about the next episode like a gossipin’ grandma at a bingo night. Circle August 12, 2023, on that trusty calendar of yours. We’re talkin’ crack-of-dawn, rooster-crowing, 09:30 in the AM – it’s like an alarm clock set to “excitement”!

Hold on tight, folks, ’cause we’re breakin’ down the time zones like a pro. Pacific Time? 6:30 AM. Mountain Time? 7:15 AM. Central Time? 8:30 AM. Eastern Time? Still 9:15 AM, no changes there. Across the pond in good ol’ BST, it’s a tea-sippin’ 2:30 PM. And don’t you worry, pals in CEST, it’s a cool 3:00 PM. Down under in AEST, it’s a rockin’ 11:30 PM. Kiwis in NZST? 11:30 AM the next day. Over in the land of the rising sun, JST’s got it at 11:10 PM. IST? That’s 7:07 PM, y’all. CST? Rollin’ in at 9:00 PM. Even CDT’s joinin’ the party at 8:30 AM. Now, the real show’s got its VIP tickets – HIDIVE and Disney+ exclusive, folks. But don’t worry, Japan’s got it covered too, right on their local TV channels.

Now, let’s get down to business, shall we? We’re talkin’ of “Liar Liar,” where the tension’s thicker than a foggy morning. Shirayuki’s in a pickle, caught in Akizuki’s clutches. The episode kicks off with a phone call so dramatic, it could out-drama Shakespeare! Hiroto, our fearless champ, teams up with Rina, and Rina teams up with… Rina? Go figure! Drama’s pumpin’ like a heart in a marathon, and outta nowhere, Kagaya struts in, clueless as a cat in a dog park. Hold onto your hats, ’cause now they’re cookin’ up strategies hotter than a jalapeño on a summer’s day. It’s all about Scalene Love Triangle – a game so twisty, you’d think it’s a pretzel.

Hiroto gets a call, and would ya believe it? Shirayuki’s got game-changing moves up her sleeve. Probability Fluctuation’s in the mix, twistin’ fate like a contortionist, and Forced Control’s got Hiroto dancin’ like a marionette. Kagaya’s leadin’ the pack, Rina’s callin’ the shots – it’s like a game of linguistic chess! Late-night brainstormin’ sesh? You bet your bottom dollar! They’re tossin’ ideas around like confetti at a parade. Hiroto’s playin’ mentor to Kagaya, like a wise old owl sharin’ its wisdom.

Rina, well, she ends up crashin’ at Hiroto’s pad, and what’s this? Sharing a space, like two peas in a pod! She hands Hiroto a card, and it’s like a golden ticket to Willy Wonka’s wonderland. Game day arrives, and it’s a showdown to remember. Hiroto, Yuki, and Shirayuki – they’re playin’ like their lives depend on it. Hiroto’s watchin’ Shirayuki like a hawk on a mouse hunt, ’cause he knows her game – unfinished business.

Hold your horses, folks! Afterthought ability’s in play, and they’re layin’ down cards like they’re made of glass. Trojan Horse card swoops in for a draw, leaving Akizuki in a fiery fit! Hold the phone, ’cause here comes the twist – Hiroto and Yuki face off with the big, bad Akizuki. She’s been stirrin’ the pot with some serious ulterior motives. Yuki spills the beans on Akizuki’s schemin’, and it’s like watchin’ a soap opera unfold!

And just when you thought things couldn’t get crazier, Akizuki goes all-in, holding Yuki hostage like a bandit in a wild west movie. It’s a high-stakes showdown, folks, and our heroes are playin’ for keeps! But guess what? The curtain falls, and we’re left hangin’ like a spider in a web. What happens next? Only time will tell, my friends. So mark your calendars, ’cause the saga continues, and it’s gonna be a ride for the ages!

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