Jonathan Majors Files Counter Lawsuit Against Ex-Girlfriend Grace Jabbari for Domestic Violence Allegations

In a shocking turn of events, Jonathan Majors, the acclaimed star of ‘Lovecraft Country,’ found himself in legal trouble when he was arrested on March 25 in Manhattan. The charges against him were no trivial matter, as they included assault, strangling, and harassment. These grave allegations stemmed from an alleged domestic dispute involving his former girlfriend, Grace Jabbari.

Jonathan Majors

However, the saga took a surprising twist when Majors retaliated by filing a cross-complaint against Jabbari. Inside sources reveal that the New York Police Department (NYPD) found probable cause in relation to the incident. Despite this, no arrests have been made thus far, leaving the situation in a state of uncertainty.

Majors wasted no time in providing his side of the story to the police, filing a complaint against Jabbari. The actor vehemently claimed that it was Jabbari who retaliated against him, not the other way around. According to Insider, Majors insisted that the altercation took place on a bustling Chinatown street corner.

On the other hand, Jabbari painted a distressing picture of the events, accusing Majors of injuring her finger, twisting her arm, and striking her ear, causing noticeable swelling. Although Majors remains entangled in legal proceedings concerning the incident,  adamantly denies the allegations. In an affidavit, the actor described Jabbari as “drunk and hysterical” and asserted that she had hit and scratched him during their heated confrontation.

Interestingly, Majors’ counterclaims against Jabbari were assessed by a different NYPD precinct, one conveniently located near Majors’ opulent penthouse in the vibrant Chelsea district. Both Majors’ lawyer, Priya Chaudhry, and sources from the NYPD confirm that this precinct also found probable cause to apprehend Jabbari. They issued what is known as an “incident card” or “I-Card,” an electronic document instructing the police to detain Jabbari for questioning, at the very least. However, it appears that Manhattan Prosecutors, who are scrutinizing the case against Majors, are apprehensive about turning the tables on Jabbari. Consequently, the “I-Card” was reportedly deactivated at the behest of the District Attorney’s office.

Delving deeper into Majors’ account, it is a disturbing tale of Jabbari’s aggression. Majors claimed that Jabbari forcefully held his face and grabbed his coat and phone in an attempt to flee. On another occasion, Jonathan Majors asserted that he had to push Jabbari back into their chauffeured Cadillac Escalade after their heated argument spilled out onto the street. Majors explained that his actions were driven by concern for her safety, fearing she might be harmed by passing traffic. The report further stated, “In the morning, my face was stuck to the pillow because of the blood from the cut from Jabbari digging her thumbnail into my face.”

Adding another layer to this already tumultuous situation, Majors accused Jabbari of unauthorized credit card usage, alleging that she had absconded with his iPhone, a vintage Rolex watch, and other luxury items worth a staggering $6,000 to $7,000, leaving him in disbelief and outrage. As the legal drama unfolds, a trial date has been set for Jabbari’s lawsuit against Majors, scheduled to take place on August 3, promising further twists and turns in this gripping courtroom battle.

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