Jailer: Rajinikanth Starrer Movie 1st Day BOX Office Collection & Earning

Alrighty then, listen up folks, ’cause I’ve got some spicy movie news hot off the press! Get ready to buckle your seatbelts ’cause “Jailer” just burst onto the scene like a firework on August 10. This flick didn’t just tiptoe into theaters, oh no, it bulldozed its way in with a marketing blitz that could make your head spin faster than a merry-go-round on caffeine.

Jailer Box Office Collection

Jailer 1st Day Box Office Collection

Now, hold on tight ’cause here’s the scoop: “Jailer” stormed the screens worldwide like a rockstar taking over the stage. They say it nabbed the top spot, occupying more screens than a squad of movie buffs at a blockbuster marathon. I’m talking 90% of the audience wrapped around its cinematic finger on day one! Can you believe that? It’s like the whole world collectively whispered, “Lights, camera, action!”

But wait, there’s more. Brace yourself for the big numbers ’cause “Jailer” waltzed its way to a whopping 72 crores across the globe on its release day. That’s right, I said 72 crores! And hold onto your popcorn, ’cause in the land of Tamil Nadu alone, this cinematic masterpiece raked in more than 24 crores on a good ol’ working Thursday. Now that’s what I call a cash carnival!

Let’s hop on an international jet, shall we? Turns out, “Jailer” didn’t just stay put in its hometown. Nope, it spread its wings and soared across borders like a daredevil bird. The USA region? Oh, it handed over almost 11 crores to the ticket counter, like it was tossing spare change! And remember, this was just day one. Hold onto your bucket of buttery popcorn, ’cause this movie train’s not stopping anytime soon.

Now, let’s talk reviews. You know what they say, the proof’s in the pudding, or should I say, the celluloid? “Jailer” didn’t just rake in the moolah, it’s been getting more thumbs up than a hitchhiker on a lucky streak. Folks can’t stop raving about Mohanlal, Shiva Rajkumar, and Yogi Babu’s show-stealing performances. And of course, who could forget the one and only Rajinikanth? The man’s a force of nature, strutting his stuff on that silver screen like a tornado in a tuxedo. Oh, and let’s not forget Anirudh Ravichander’s magical touch, turning the music into gold for our ears.

So there you have it, amigos! “Jailer” stormed in like a hurricane, leaving a trail of crores and cheers in its wake. It’s like a rollercoaster that’s only going up, up, up, and we’re all in for the wild ride. Who’s ready to buckle up and dive into the cinematic whirlwind that is “Jailer”? Grab your popcorn, ’cause it’s showtime, baby!

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