Andrew Tate Leaving Kickboxing? Know What’s The Reason Behind

In a surprising turn of events, Andrew Tate, a four-time world champion of kickboxing and a controversial figure in the influencer sphere, has made the difficult decision to step away from professional kickboxing. This choice was motivated by the numerous eye injuries he sustained throughout his fights. Concerned about the potential deterioration of his health, Andrew has chosen to prioritize his long-term well-being and bid farewell to the sport that brought him fame.

Andrew Tate

However, Andrew’s journey took an unexpected twist as he found himself entangled in a highly publicized legal issue. Alongside his sister Tristan Tate and two associates, he faces charges in Romania related to human trafficking, rape, and involvement in an organized crime organization engaged in the sexual exploitation of women. While vehemently denying these accusations, the gravity of the charges has captured the attention of the public, adding another layer to Andrew’s controversial public image.

The decision to retire from professional kickboxing was not an easy one for Andrew Tate. Blurred retinas, a persistent issue in both his eyes, plagued him and worsened over time. Seeking to improve his overall health and well-being, Andrew recognized an opportunity to focus on his burgeoning webcam studio and other entrepreneurial ventures that could pave the path to financial success. The initial occurrence of eye damage struck when he was just 23 years old, leading to detached retinas that required surgical intervention to rectify.

However, seven years later, at the age of 30, Andrew Tate faced a recurrence of the eye injury, prompting him to make the definitive choice to exit the world of professional kickboxing. Despite being an experienced fighter and having already secured four IKSA World Champion titles, Tate was diligently training for his fifth belt before the reemergence of the eye problem halted his aspirations.

Financial considerations also factored into Andrew Tate’s retirement decision. While he earned substantial sums ranging between $50,000 and $100,000 per fight, as reported by CoinCodex, he recognized the importance of diversifying his income streams and establishing a lucrative business to fulfill his ambition of attaining millionaire status. Given that kickboxing events occur infrequently, with a limited number of opportunities, Andrew seized the chance to explore entrepreneurial ventures that could provide more consistent income growth and long-term prosperity.

Andrew’s name has become synonymous with greatness in the world of kickboxing. His remarkable career propelled him to the pinnacle of the sport, earning him the prestigious title of four-time IKSA World Champion. His journey commenced at a tender age, as the dedicated fighter commenced his training at the young age of fifteen. Amidst the toil of lifting heavy boxes at the fish market and countless hours honing his techniques at the boxing club, Andrew’s unwavering dedication and determination eventually paid off.

The culmination of Andrew’s relentless efforts came at the age of 25 when he achieved a monumental feat—his first World Champion title in kickboxing. This triumph solidified his position among the most accomplished and revered athletes in the field.

Andrew, also known by his fierce moniker “Cobra,” experienced an extraordinary surge in success when he secured his initial world title as the ISKA World Full-Contact Heavyweight Champion in 2011. Merely two months later, Andrew showcased his prowess by adding another accolade to his name—the ISKA Full-Contact Cruiserweight Champion in 2013. Notably, he triumphed in the Enfusion World Championship the following year, further solidifying his dominance. The astonishing record of Andrew’s kickboxing career stands as a testament to his talent: a total of 85 fights, with 78 wins, 23 knockout victories, and 9 losses. Thus, Andrew concluded his kickboxing journey with a remarkable record of nine losses and 87 wins, leaving an indelible mark on the sport.

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